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Thread: do it yourself top replacement?

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    Default do it yourself top replacement?

    just got back from the upholstery shop and was quoted $1283.29 to replace my top. Has anyone ever did there own? Im pretty mechanicaly inclided, but when it come to this will i be getting in over my head?

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    That's actually a pretty reasonable price for one of these tops. Most guys shuder when they see a scissor top. I would recommend leaving one of these to the professionals.
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    here is the run down of the estimate....

    Buick Convertible top $750
    Hard Glass $285
    Pads $90
    2 cables on sides $70.00
    tax $88.29

    total $1273.

    labor included, 1 years labor warranty, 6 year top warranty

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    I've had my roof replaced 2 or 3 times. That's a reasonable price, but I would strongly recommend you shop for quality and not for price. The reason I suggest this is a poorly installed top will wear out quicker. The cheapest price will usually lead to replacing the top earlier and cost more in the long run.

    Ask to see examples of their work. Ideally you want to see another scissors style top that they installed a year or two ago. They all look good when they are first finished, the true test of a well installed top is how it holds up over time.

    That's also why I recommend you have it professionally installed. It's a difficult roof to install and experience is required to get it right. If it's incorrectly installed the tension on the roof over time can increase the wear on the roof frame.

    Particular trouble spots on this roof are at the joint between the rear quarter window and the roof. Right were the roof meets the quarter panel. If it's too tight you'll see the roof split right there. The frame is supposed to slide into the roof and rest on the reinforced seam. If the roof isn't right the frame presses on the vinyl outside the seam and wears through the roof.

    The frame has a fairly sharp corner here. If your installer is willing to spend a little time grinding this edge off your roof will last a lot longer. It doesn't take much, just round off the edges and spray a little paint.

    Good luck and show us how it comes out.


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    i had the top done on my 72 last fall, same items that you are stating, when all was said and done the total was $1,650.00 and the job was flawless.i went to someone that i trusted and have seen their work,and did these tops before.i would ask around and check out some car shows and ask people with scissor tops who did their tops.

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    I just bought my 73 convertible which had a brand new top already installed. I put the top down today for the 1st time and when I put the top back up I discovered a tear in the top. Its right where you guys were talking about above the rear quarter window. Now what? The guy I purchased the car from said he replaced the top recently. Don't know for sure what he paid etc. But obviously that installer failed to install and adjust it correctly. Its just a bummer and no money in the budget for this repair.

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