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Thread: Who has a green interior?

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    Default Who has a green interior?

    I have a 73, 2 door hardtop, Can you please post pics of your green interior? im trying to figure out what color code paint is for my interior parts. My cowl tag says

    Trim Combination TR Z430? and 42 42 PNT, also Modular seat code A52 whatever that means.

    For some reason the greens dont seem to go together. The body is Jade Green 42, The dash pad doesnt match the seats and door panels, and I know its the original parts. Please advise and show pics of your green interior. Thanks
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    Got a picture or two?
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    I own a 1973 Buick Centurion convertible green on green on green. I have a photo of the interior on Me and my Buick. If you need good photos, my car is a good representation. I bought my car from a little old lady who bought it with her husband back in 1973. It is clean and interior is mint.

    I will send more pictures if you want.


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