One of the things lots of us overlook when we clean up our cars, is the cracks and crevices around fender emblems, scripts, and trim pieces.

You can try to use toothbrushes, towels wrapped over the tip of a screwdriver, q-tips, etc...

The best way to get this done, is to remove the emblem or said part, clean and paint(if necessary) and reinstall. When you remove the part, make sure you clean and polish the paint under and around the emblem.

Fender emblems are a major hassle to remove while still attached to the car, but it can be done - if you have patience, and a couple extra speed nuts.

Check out the difference it made when I remove and cleaned everything on my LeSabre. I did exactly as I described above: remove parts, clean, paint black edges, polish paint, reinstall. This took me a couple hours one Saturday morning.

Here are the before shots: (some of you remember this from the 71 LeSabre R&R thread last year)

After: The "Custom" emblems had not been done at the time of photo. I cleaned the emblems, and used a gloss black paint pen to line the edges of the letters. After the paint dried, I scraped the excess off the raised portions of the letters themselves.