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Thread: fuel tank straps

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    Default fuel tank straps

    Lost one of my fuel tank straps.
    Anyone have any tips on replacement.
    Probably need to remove tank,and weld some new attachment points.
    Lots of surface rust on frame,and underside of car,but it starts every time,and still rides great.
    Im half tempted to install a fuel cell in the trunk.
    For the short local trips I drive,all with the top down,any advice appreciated.

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    Greetings gas hog. I just took off my fuel tank straps and dropped the tank. Im about to install a new one (i got it for $350 on amazon). Would b a shame to put the nasty gunky straps on the shiny new tank so i took some brasso (metal polish) and a steel wool scrubber and they looked as new as they were in 71. The metal is kind of plyable? Its some galvanized metal i think. Pretty easy to replace if u find something similar in metals u can easily drill the holes that u need to put them on....that said im wondering whats the best method (cheap and fast tho) for cleaning off/ knocking loose all the rust under the belly? Just wanna pretty her up while im down there. Btw i have a 71 centurion 2 door, and after all these years im finally getting her going again. The tank was the culprit. Anyhoo hope u find a replacement piece ill be looking for a lot of info this week. Im changing the carb, new hei distributor, wires plugs...yes its time.

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