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Thread: WANTED: Inside Rear View Mirror For '72 Centurion Convertible

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    Default WANTED: Inside Rear View Mirror For '72 Centurion Convertible

    F O U N D -- -- THANK YOU!
    Hi all, anyone know where I can find a 12 inch inside rear view mirror for my '72? It needs to have a chrome back, gray rubber around the mirror and the 'slide-on' windshield attachment (all just like the original). I've so far had no luck. There are plenty of these around for A body GM cars, but so far, not for these B-Bodies. Thanks!
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    Try searching '71-'76 Impala/Caprice parts; I believe they may be the same.

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    Try, try, try and try to find the right offer on Ebay !
    Have a look to the other car brands too as SBRMD wrote. Also look for Oldsmobile, Pontiac and perhaps Cadillac, maybe they also are the same type of mirror.
    This way I found such a mirror too. I guess you will get one until the first spring months.

    Good luck !

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