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Thread: Head Light Switch Replacement: HELP!

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    Default Head Light Switch Replacement: HELP!

    I've decided to come in and have a cold drink to calm down...nothing is simple on this damn car.

    Patient: 1972 Buick Centurion Convertible.
    Problem: The Tail Lights and Dash Lights do not work.
    Diagnosis: Headlights work, Brights work, Interior Lights Work (when door is open and from the headlight switch). Flashers work, brake lights work, turn signals work. Fuses checked and all ok...I even replaced a few for good measure.
    I'm pretty sure it's the headlight switch.


    Disconnect Neg Battery Cable
    Remove Headlight Switch Plunger by pulling it all the way out, reaching under dash to press release button to fully remove it.
    Use Large Flat Head Screwdriver to unscrew escutcheon.
    Removed Dash Pad
    Loosened the IP (four small 1/4" screws with hex head)

    Disconnected the wiring harness

    The damn switch won't budge! From what I can see and feel, nothing else is connecting it to the dash...but it won't move. I need your help. HOW TO REMOVE THE HEADLIGHT SWITCH??? Here are some pics:

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