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Thread: Help With Jack Stowage - 1972 Centurion Convertible

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    Default Help With Jack Stowage - 1972 Centurion Convertible

    I removed all jack components for repainting and now cannot figure out how to reassemble. It looked so simple when I took things out :-)
    The instructions on the jack decal don't work for me. Can someone with a '71 or '72 convertible please post a photo of the jack pieces on top of the spare tire and in back of the spare tire?

    Thanks very much,
    Bob M.

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    I've got a '73 and I'm going from memory so hopefully someone can post a picture. An "L" shaped bolt slips through a small band of metal on the trunk floor and sticks up through the spare tire and the foot of the jack. It's held in place with a wing-nut. The tire iron slips through thick rubber bands around the jack. The jack fits in shallow notches on the face of the rear axle hump. Another "L" shaped bracket holds onto a metal band and passes through a hole in the moving part of the jack. It's also held on with a wing-nut. You have to position the moving part of the jack roughly mid-way on the post to get it to line up with the hold down bolt.

    How you store another jack in the trunk is up to you, but you really, really don't want to use the bumper jack. Look closely at the foot of the jack and you'll probably see some small cracks or broken spot welds. This is one of the weak points in the system. If you have to use the jack do everything possible to make sure the jack is straight up and down (side to side and front to back) when the car is raised. You should start with the foot tucked under the car bit as the car will roll away from the jack as you raise it. Of course, be sure to block the front tires if you're raising the back.

    Good luck,

    Livin' Large.

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    Done! Thank you!!!
    My wife also took one look at the set-up and said she thought the tire should be flipped. You were both right on!!

    Bob M.

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