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Thread: Parts needed for a 1973

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    Default Parts needed for a 1973

    Hi, I need the folowing 71 thru 73 parts: 73 Centurion round trunk emblem/lock.
    Black tri shield front floor mats.
    Rot free trunk floor sections.
    Right hand remote mirror (pitted is okay).
    Power seat tracks assembly for 60/40 seat, with switch & all wiring for it.
    '73 lower radiator support.
    Cowl mounted stress bar bracket. (Is this item welded on, or does it unbolt)? My car never had this feature.
    LF fenderwell, rot free. rear axle drum to drum, for a '73 with 455 (12 BOLT).
    Unsnuffed ashtray(s).
    felt spare tire cover.
    Kick panel & litter container, in black.
    '73 front fender lower side markers with the wiring to install them.
    a '74 big car speedometer head.
    '73 mint speedo surround wood grain trim.
    '73 wood grain radio surround, mint.
    Rear '73 bumper corner fillers.
    Factory anti sway bar with brackets. I'm in Missouri, but smaller stuff you could ship. Thanks, John vikingapg@hotmail.com

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    I don't have any of the pieces you need but I can help your search a bit.

    The trunk lock cover is the holy grail of Centurion parts it's rare and fragile. This is probably the hardest item on your list.
    I think the floor mats are the same for any full size Buick from 71- 75 or later.
    I don't think anyone is making reproductions of the trunk floor. I think the floor is the same for LeSabre and Centurion 71-73 and perhaps beyond. I don't know if the trunk floor is different between 2 and 4 doors, but I'm reasonably sure they are the same for coupe and convertible.
    The right hand mirror is mounted differently in 71 and 72 vs. 73. The right mirror was not remotely adjustable in 73 (the whole top of the assembly is mounted on a pivot). There are remote mirrors from later years that look the same but probably have different base mounting angles and you'll need to arrange some mount for the remote control.
    Power seat tracks are the same for any full size GM from roughly 71-75.
    I suspect the lower radiator support is the same for any full size Buick with the same size engine. It might be a universal GM part but the rubber gaskets vary between engine sizes and brands.
    I don't know about the stress bar bracket. I've never seen them on a '73 although they are fairly common on the earlier years.
    Fenderwell is probably the same for any full size Buick from 71-75 (2 door, 4 door or convertible)
    The rear axle is Buick specific. I think any axle from 71-73 will work but finding one with posi-traction will take some hunting. You're also limited in the axle ratios, these are highway cruisers and most axles are near 2.7 or so. A few rare performance axles can be found in the low 3's.
    Ashtrays rusted out even if they weren't used by smokers. The ashtray in the dash is specific the ones in the rear arm rests are pretty universal.
    I haven't hunted for a spare tire cover, but I bet someone makes a reasonable reproduction.
    Kick panel & litter container's are specific to full size Buicks but the same for 2 door, 4 door and convertibles. I had one with the litter container and my wife kept knocking it loose accidentally. It's not all that useful. Get any one in good condition and paint it black.
    If you mean the turning lights (white lights that come on with the blinkers but don't blink) they are rare and require either specific fenders or cutting yours. I think the wiring extends all the way into the steering column to get them to work.
    The dash pieces are the same for any full size Buick but there are slight variations by year. Nice ones turn up on eBay if you are vigilant. I recommend buying all three at once. They tend to fade differently from car to car and buying them in pieces might look off.
    The corner fillers are the same for any Centurion or LeSabre for 73 (2 dr, 4 dr or convertible).
    You should have a factory front sway bar. The rear sway bar came from the factory with reinforced lower control arms. You can use your existing lower control arms but they have to be braced where the sway bar attaches so the bolt doesn't deform the arm.

    Good luck with your search.
    Livin' Large.

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    Thank you for the nice reply; I'm "livin large" as well: tipping the scales at a hefty 857 !!! Plus or minus, depending on if I just ate , or not. (Just kidding)

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    Default parts

    I have an NOS piece on the left, but can use the right hand radio surround if the tiny chrome accent is really nice. I need a '74 speedo head, not 71-73. Can you send a close up of the radio surround? Thanks!

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    you still have these parts? I guess not
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    Hello everybody,
    We are fighting with rusty holes in the trunk of our 73' convertible. Unfortunately there are no repair pans for the Centurion on the market (as I could find so far). As mentioned in the thread of "73 centurion" I can search for trunk pans of a 73 LeSabre? Did anybody try it before? Reason is that we are from Germany and change US parts or send the wrong ones back causes some efforts :-).
    Thanks a lot for your help!!!

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    Default trunk floor

    Hallo, the Lesabre trunk floor is the same as Centurion, but the Electra trunk floor is much LONGER, but could possibly be modified to fit. I have a '73 Centurion with the same problem. Am still seeking a trunk floor for mine. John

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    Thank you John for your reply.
    Seems to be pretty tough to get any kind of suitable trunk Pan for our cars :-(.
    So the only possibility I see now is ordering a trunk pan of a Riviera which is spplied by company C2C for example and fit it into our Centurion like one member of this forum already did :-).

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    Whoever did their trunk floor like that, committed a hack job in my opinion. Better to wait for the right floor to come along. Good luck, John

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    P.S.> there also are supports under the trunk pan that bolt to the frame that usually rot with the floor, & these are not included with those Riviera pans, so keep it from becoming a Frankenstein floor if at all possible. You would also have to change to a Riviera gas tank with those. '73 Centurions have a hump in the trunk floor for the tank.

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    Thank's John for your honest answers and details I was not aware until now ;-). Think we have to wait than or have to find another way...
    Problem is that the previous owner already did a Frankenstein job by soldering some thick sheet metals on the right and left side of the trunk floor and after that just put some tar and UBS on it!!! which I only know from an undercoat which you would never ever use these days.
    Of course after we removed this kind of "coating" we found rusty surfaces and unfortunately some holes in the last parts of the original floor pan :-(. It's a pity...

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    Good luck to you; it's a wonderful car, & like a wonderful friend, it's worth taking the extra time to wait, just to treat her right, & nice!

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