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    Who does the best vinyl top.....Convertable Tops, Hydro-E-Lectric, or Convertable Top Specialists? From what I'm seeing Convertable Tops includes pads, cables, and tacking strips for $368. I don't have rear defrost now....is that something i can add? How hard is that to do?

    Thanks for the advice and help. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday.

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    My advice is to go with whatever brand the installer recommends. The scissor style roof is notorious for being difficult to replace and to align properly. I can be done, but the common recommendation is to leave it to a pro.

    The roof comes in two pieces, the rear window is separate from the main roof. If you need to replace the rear glass you can have them put in one with the rear defroster. Then you need to wire it up. There things get a little tricky. If you want it to look factory original you'll need to find the wiring, switch and dash panel specific for a convertible with rear defrost. The defrost switch lives next to the roof switch and each has a lit indicator below it and it's probably going to be the hardest bit to find. This panel that holds the switches unscrews from the back of the dash plate so you can use anyone from a full size 1971-1973 Buick Convertible.

    My car has a rear defrost that works but is rarely used. My car is put to bed long before temps approach freezing.

    Livin' Large.

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