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Thread: 73 Convertable Centurion now mine

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    Default 73 Convertable Centurion now mine

    Just bought a beautiful 73 Centurion Convert. Need some chrome pieces. Can anyone help me to get them or where I can find them.

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    I have good news and bad news. The good news is that most of the chrome trim on the front end of the car is the same for any full size 73 Buick (excluding Riviera). Rocker trim and wheel well trim is very similar for any full size Buick from 71-73. The windshield trim and the pieces that surround the passenger compartment are very similar for any full size GM.

    A lot of the trim is stainless steel that can be polished up nicely.

    The bad news is there is a lot of trim on these cars, big long pieces that are fairly delicate and easily damaged in shipping. The pieces that aren't stainless are cast white metal that is very prone to pitting. Finding clean originals is getting harder. If you want to have them re-chromed you need to find a plater that is familiar with cleaning and filling the inevitable pits. If these aren't handled correctly the new chrome will blister above them.
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