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Thread: Found on Youtube: early 7ties

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    Default Found on Youtube: early 7ties

    From 3:06 min
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    That video is fairly freaky for me because there is a light blue skylark right at the beginning which looked exactly like the one my Grandmother loved and passed down to our family. That car began my love of Buicks. Next we see a brown Ford LTD which was my wife's favorite car. Her LTD had the 460 engine and a power steering cooler that I think indicated it had the police package. Soon after that a 73 Buick Centurion convertible which is why I'm on this board. Other than the Centurion the model and paint color was exactly the same as the other important cars in my history.

    Then again, there are a lot of cars and I'm sure anyone could find a couple of their favorites.

    Livin' Large.

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