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Thread: horn problem on my 73 centurion convertible

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    Default horn problem on my 73 centurion convertible

    Hopefully someone here may have a solution or already figured this out. The car needs a working horn on order to pass inspection. It appears that the horn button pad tabs have corroded and no longer activate the horn. See attached pics on this problem. If someone has a steering wheel with a good horn pad and button that would work but I am guessing these are hard to find. I was thinking of drilling out the rivets on the existing tabs and try to find some spring steel to drill and bolt in. Don't know if buick made a kit for this or not. Any Ideas?
    Thanks for looking
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    You'll need to find a used one:

    Here is a guy parting a 71 Electra:


    And a 72 Riv:

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