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Thread: My experience with the cruise control master unit

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    Default My experience with the cruise control master unit

    Recently I had a problem with my cruise control master unit and I want to document it here in a separate thread so that everyone who will search for help some day will have it easier finding information for his problems.

    My story was :

    My advices are :
    - have a look to the air filter of the unit and change it if necessary ! Thatīs very easy – you only cut a piece out of an 1 inch thick foam rubber, melt a hole into its center (which is necessary for the lower part of the electrical adjustment screw of the unit) with an electric soldering iron – ready !
    - Have a look to the units interiour once a year or every 10 kmiles or so to become sure that everything is okay there. If you find some dust clean it before you will get greater problems. Look for a reason for the dust and try to avoid getting dust again. Otherwise the dust could get into the gears and their axles and cause some wear there which will be able to block the wheels !
    - If the wheels are not turning free try to get them free again. Only free wheels enable the unit working as it should !
    - Look for the hoses – they have to be tight and dense.
    - Look for correct electical connectons too.

    Any questions left, ask for help here !

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    Anyone know where to get a new vacuum actuator for the cruise control. I tested mine with full vacuum on it and it only goes in part of the way. So I think it is defective. Cant find one anywhere some help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Perhaps you can make this one fit
    or this one
    And the actuators from Audi and Volkswagen look pretty similar and i think they are straight bolt on the only difference is the bellow is mounted inside a metal cannister
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