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    Iíve tried to re-upload the missing pictures in some of my threads that I think might be of interest to keep intact.
    Havenít really figured out a good way to do this with the Edit function, sometimes I mange to upload some of the pictures and other times none. Tried different browser (IE 6, 7 & 8 and Google Chrome) but the result is still random.
    I also tried to delete the old pictures and then save the change before uploading the pictures again.
    At one occasion I was unable to delete the old pictures in the post.

    Think Iím out of ideas of how to do it at the moment and ready to give up unless somebody have any sharp advice to offerÖ

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    Hey, Adam and Rick, now I tested within the "Edit Post" - function to upload and to delete my pictures as you can read in my post No. 13 here, but now after I ended testing all the pictures of this whole thread are not visible for me any more. On the other hand : if I look to my edited post with the "Edit Post"-function I can see my picture when using the "Preview"-function !

    Man, that seems to me as if I killed all the pics of this thread in a way that they are still here but unvisible ! - ???

    Perhaps this all has to be adjusted by the forum managers in the background ?
    Or is there another explanation ?

    Iīm really now !

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    I don't know what is going on with that. I cannot see any of them either. I'll work on it.

    It's always something.
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