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Greg Duesler
09-09-2008, 06:55 PM
Can anyone help me out to find some new or real good used chrome parts for my car. I need new trunk lock cover emblem and a left front wheel opening molding. new door handles and headlight bezels and a rear bumper and front bumper bumperettes. also a new bodyside molding for the left door.

73 Centurion
09-10-2008, 10:46 AM
Hi Greg,

The trunk lock cover is going to be the hardest to find. It was only used in 1973 and only on the Centurion. In addition the plastic used develops a haze pretty quickly. If you have one, or find one buy it. You can polish the plastic and make it look pretty good.

Headlight bezels are another problem area. Most of them developed pits particularly between and below the lights. The ones for your Centurion have more bars in the fake grille area below the lights than the LeSabre or Electra. It's a subtle difference and there are far more of that style than the limited edition Centurions. I used a set from an Electra because I found NOS in really good condition. I kept my original pitted bezels in case I get rich enough to have them rechromed.

The rear bumper will have to come from a '73 Centurion or LeSabre. All body styles used the same.

The left front wheel molding and the door molding are the same for any full sized '73 Buick. I think you can use a '71 or '72 but I'm not sure. I think you can even use the Riviera.

Door handles are also all the same for full sized Buicks (excluding the Riviera). They turn up on eBay regularly but almost all of them have some pits in the chrome. The fewer the pits the higher the price.

I don't know how much parts hunting you've done so I'll throw in some general cautions. Don't buy anything without seeing it, or a clear picture. What constitutes "In good condition" varies wildly by person.

eBay is a great source for parts but you need to do your homework. It's common for auctions to sell for more than retail prices. Put in the maximum you are willing to pay up front or someone will swoop in at the last minute and steal it away. Putting in the maximum does not mean that's what you'll pay. Your maximum can be $300 and you could win the auction for $126.

Spend some time with the yellow pages and find the salvage yards in your area the still have some cars from the 70's. Grab anything you might need when you see it. It might not be there tomorrow.

If you have spare or duplicate parts you can offer to trade those. That provides more incentive for people to let go of something from their own horde. A great example is a swap made on this board of passenger side mirrors (a rare option). 2 people had nice mirrors but for the wrong year. They would never give away such treasure but they traded and each got the right year.

You should find most of what you need fairly easy. The trunk emblem will be the hardest to find.

Good luck and happy hunting.


Greg Duesler
09-10-2008, 03:26 PM
Thanks for all the info john