UPDATE:  This car was sold November 2006 to Rolf S. of Germany!  Congratulations, Rolf...

Note:  The Buildsheet states that this car was equipped with power seat locks, but alas, the car does NOT have power seat locks.  It is a manual locking seat.  For those who are wonder what this option is, it's basically an automatic latching mechanism that unlatches the seat when you open the door so you don't have to flip a lever to fold the seat down.  This option was only available on 2 Door cars with Electric Door Locks.  The seat locks were activated by a door jamb switch mounted just below the courtesy light plunger switch.


This is what is left of the buildsheet.  The previous owner found the majority of it before I could get the car, but it was incomplete.  When I pulled the back seat out, there was a small piece left on the back.  I pulled it off and taped it to the other incomplete buildsheet:

Click on the image to view a larger picture.

Cowl Tag Info:

ST 71-46667X00710   BDY
TR 461       11-A        PNT

ST-71 = 1971 Model Year
4 = Buick Motor Division
66 = Centurion
67 = 2 Door Convertible
X = Fairfax KS GMAD (General Motors Assembly Division)
00710= Body Number
TR 461 = Trim code - Blue Vinyl Notchback Interior
11 = Lower body color (Arctic White)
A = Upper body color (White Convertible Top)
04C = Built 3rd week of April, 1971


4 = Buick Motor Division
66 = Centurion
67 = 2 Door Convertible
1 = 1971 Model Year
X = Fairfax, KS Assembly Plant
159487 = Basic Sequential Production Number (100001 was first built)


Options Added:

Charged To:

Buick Motor Division  (Employee order???)
3400 NW Helens Rd
Portland, OR
Zone:  25
Dealer:  001

Shipped To:

Braley & Graham
9155 SW Canyon Rd
Portland, OR
Zone:  25

Dealer:  100

Buick Centurion Registry 2005